Rainbow’s "A" #1 on Recochoku MV Charts

Rainbow’s Japanese debut song “A” reached number one for music videos on the largest Japanese call bell site “Recochoku” on September 1. On this day, “A” beat SNSD’sBad Girl” and reached number one, it shows that even before their official debut, Rainbow is receiving a lot of attention from Japanese fans.

Also, “A” reached number 7 on the charts for call bells.

Currently Rainbow is preparing for their Japanese debut promotions, as their album will be released on September 14. Rainbow is spending busy days in Korea brushing up on their Japanese and practicing dance routines.

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung will appear on numerous shows over Chuseok. She will be appearing on MBC’s “Idol Track and Field Competition,” “I am a Trot Singer,” and SBS’ “Couple Dance Crash.”