Suzy’s Past Middle School Photos Revealed

Miss A’s Suzy‘s past middle school photos have been gaining a lot of attention lately.

On September 1, these photos were posted up on an online community dashboard with the title, “Cute Middle
School Student Suzy.”

Ever since her debut, many of Suzy’s past photos have been revealed and each and every time they became a hot issue. In the past, some of the released photos that gained a lot of popularity were photos of her working
as a fitting model and photos of herself during her school’s talent show.

The photos that were released recently include a photo of her when she auditioned for the audition program
called, “Superstar K,” and random photos of her as an average school girl.

Netizens, after viewing these photos, gave comments such as, “She looks so pretty in an average school
uniform!” “I love her innocent image,” “She is a natural born beauty,” and “It is now a fact that she has
always been pretty ever since she was little.” 

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Photo of Suzy when she auditioned for KBS's

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