4minute’s So Hyun Reveals Her Pre-makeup Face

4minute‘s maknae So Hyun recently revealed her face before putting on makeup.

On September 1, So Hyun revealed a photo of her pre-makeup face through twitter. She posted up comments such as, “I’m trying my best to hide my hair!” “Do you see any changes to my hair? Can anyone notice the change?” and “I intentionally shook the camera since I had no makeup on during that time hehehehe…”

In the photo, it appears like So Hyun took the photo while receiving a haircut since she is wearing a gown and,
in the background, there is a barber giving a haircut to a different customer. Despite the fact that So Hyun
was in such a setting, she tried her best to smile and gave a cute expression for the camera.

Many fans gave comments like, “You still look pretty without any makeup on,” “Is that really a hair shop or is
that a waiting room? I can’t tell,” and “You look so young!”

Meanwhile, 4minute has been busily promoting activties related to a book written by Hong Seung Song, a
representative from Cube Entertainment.