Mnet M Countdown 09.01.2011

Infinite’s “Be Mine” was named “Song Of The Week”. It is not even Black Day, but these romantic young men are celebrating like its a Valentine Day holiday … every week! Their song of longing has finally made it to the top!

G.NA and M. Street made their tippy-top return to the stage,

while Davichi made their sweet never-ending comeback. The girls and their fans will not want to ever bid farewell to this heartstrings pulling track.

APRIL KISS is the next “Wannabe” superstar in K-Pop. This girl group debuted their new single and some sizzling dance moves on M Countdown today.

The following Seoul-Stars won over everyone in the audience with their hot performances: Koyote, MBLAQ, SISTAR, Seo In Guk, HwanHee, Teen Top, Dal Shabet, Nine Muses and GP Basic.

Infinite’s Winning Moment

 Infinite – Before The Dawn + Be Mine

Stellar – Rocket Girl

Teen Top – No More Perfume On You

G.NA – BananaTop Girl 

Davichi, “Don’t Say Goodbye“! (plus Love, Oh Love )

MBLAQ – I Don’t Know

HwanHee – Love Pain

GP Basic – Jelly Pop

Seo In Guk – Shake It Up 

M.Street – Loosen The Necktie

SISTAR – So Cool


APRIL KISS – Hello Bus 

Dal Shabet – Bling Bling 

U-KISS‘ Comeback Next Week

Kara‘s Comeback Next Week

Credits: @mnetmcoundown, yt cr: colourgummies, yunirin, mongarai, butterfly7742, fiat50091 and shu35150715

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