MBLAQ Transforms Look for "I Don’t Know" Follow-up Promotions

Popular idol group MBLAQ attempts to transform their image for their “I Don’t Know” performances.

MBLAQ performed their follow-up, to the group’s single “Mona Lisa” with, “I Don’t Know” on the September 1 broadcast of MNET’s “M! Countdown”. The five members: Seung Ho, Lee Joon, Thunder, Mir, and G.O showed off their new concept along with their youthful stage which delighted fans.

The members were decked out in all black, displaying a casual and playful look that fit well with their rhythmic and dynamic choreography.  Under his hood, Lee Jun attracted attention for his execution of the choreographed moves with his flexible and unique flair.

“I Don’t Know” is a memorable track coupled with its addictive melody and lyrics.  Each member of the group adds their own little charm to the finished piece.  This has led to MBLAQ to grow in fan base as well as online downloads furthering their popularity.

MBLAQ’s mini-album, “Mona Lisa” with the title track of the same name, was released back in July.  The concept for “Mona Lisa” is that of a charismatic image, this attractive look is one of the characteristics the group is known for.