Noh Hong Chul Entertained By Reports of His Surgery

Comedian and variety show host Noh Hong Chul revealed feelings toward his upcoming anal fistula surgery.

On August 31 Noh Hong Chul wrote on his Twitter, “I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m sorry! An article can easily come up because of my stylish speaking skills but an article because of my behind(?)…! Hahahaha. I’ll just laugh”

He continued with a gag despite his injury, “P.S.: Don’t use the bidet too hard”

Netizens responded, “I was worried that you were very sick, but now I feel better seeing you so bright and happy”  “I hope for quick recovery!” and “Forever optimist Noh Hong Chul is the best!”

On the other hand, Noh Hong Chul is looking forward for fistula surgery after he relapsed from 2008.