Haha: "Happy 16th Anniversary of Your Debut, Jong Kook Hyung!"

Haha posted a picture of himself and Kim Jong Kook for his 16th anniversary of Jong Gook’s debut. Haha commented on the picture, “It’s already been 16 years since Jong Kook hyung debuted! Jong Kook! Congratulations!!”

The picture has Haha in pirate-like outfit, having his arm around Jong Kook’s shoulders, displaying their close friendship just as they call each other “my little brother” and “my older brother” on Running Man. They are posing a V just as many people would! Their concept and their pose had the audience laugh.

Also, Haha advertised his mini album that’s about to come out on September 14.

Surprisingly it’s already been 16 years since he debuted. He looks young and the song he debuted with (Black Cat Nero) in the duo Turbo is still very vivid in most people’s minds.

Congratulations to Kim Jong Kook for your 16th year as a singer!