Infinite Receives Their First Trophy at Mnet’s M!Countdown

For the first time, Infinite came in first place at a music program. They took the first place win at Mnet’s M!Countdown on September 1 with the song they presented on July 21, “Be Mine.”

From the time they debuted (last year’s June) they sang “Come Back Again,” “She’s Back,” “Before The Dawn,” “Nothing’s Over”, and other songs, they became known for their dedicated effort. Infinite’s song placed before Leessang’s, proving their popularity as an idol group.

Infinite cried over their unexpected award and thanked everyone who took in part of what they have become now. Every member’s eyes were dripping tears.

Infinite’s official first album title song “Be Mine” shows fancier performance and the members’ maturity as a man, taking the first place in many different music ranking sites. Also, Infinite’s album “OVER THE TOP” is not only popular in Korea but throughout all countries of Asia. They’re planning to debut Japan in the second half of this year.