SISTAR’s Soyou Almost Debuted as 4minute

SISTAR was a guest on Mnet‘s “Beatle’s Code” on September 1st and member Soyou revealed that she almost debuted as a member of 4minute

Emcee Yoon Jong Shin began the segment by asking, “Were you a 4minute trainee?”

“I was going to debut as a member of 4minute but I ended up debuting under SISTAR,” she replied. The MC continued by asking a rather sensitive question: “Who do you think took your place in the group?” 

Hesitating a bit, Soyou carefully answered, “The final line-up was all set up but the company told me that I should debut in the next round so I think that’s why I wasn’t able to join. It’s because I was lacking in some areas…”

“Then were you in the group as a part of the five member line-up?” the MC asked. Soyou shyly replied, “Yes.. I was actually in the maknae’s position.” 

“4minute and SISTAR are both doing so well. You still feel happy about ending up in SISTAR, right?” the emcees asked. Hyorin and Soyu piped up, “Of course!”