SNSD’s Tiffany Talks About Her Musical Debut
During the press conference for musical, “Fame“, SNSD’s Tiffany shared her thoughts on her musical debut.
Alongside fellow SM Entertainment artists such as Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, CSJH’s Lina, and Trax’s Jungmo, Tiffany will play the role of Carmen Diaz, a rebellious girl with passion to become a star.

At the press conference she revealed, “While the other SNSD members were doing their musicals, I was steadily practicing my acting and singing.” Fellow SNSD members Taeyeon and Jessica had already made their musical debuts with “The Sun’s Song” and “Legally Blonde” respectfully.

She also said, “Something I have in common with my character is that in America I had dreams of becoming a singer so I came to Korea, and after going through my training period, I debuted. During my trainee days I had that passion and I think it will be easy to express the person that I was not too long ago. We have similarities and we have differences too so I must work hard at that to fulfill the role.”

In preparation for the musical she stated, “I’m studying the movie closely and watching the musical again. I am continually practicing the script and music. I want to act naturally so that the audience will be able to sympathize with the character.”

The musical Fame was based on the 1980 American musical film of the same name. It debuted on the Broadway stage in 1988 and had its first stop in Korea in 2005. The musical follows the dreams and sorrows of aspiring artists wanting to get to the top.