Moon Geun Young Sports a Short Haircut

Moon Geun Young reveals a short haircut, exuding a mature charm through a clothing photo shoot.

Through Moon Geun Young’s photo shoot for a Chinese brand called Basic House, she was able to emphasize her feminine charms and luxuriousness, having it appear as if it were a natural look for her.

Amongst the pictures that were released, Moon Geun Young sported a shocking short haircut. With the facial expression portraying her own kind of freedom and a sensuous pose, she had her own unique, loving look yet a modernized charm to it.

Moon Geun Young who showed the end to all fall photo shoots; each time photos of Moon Geun Young are released, Chinese fans are captivated by her beauty like her fans in Korea.

Fans who have come across the photos made comments such as, “How can a short haircut look that loving. It’s a whole new charm,” “I like this loving aura that only Moon Geun Young can exude,” and other various responses.