G.NA’s "Top Girl" Mini Album a Success

On August 23, G.NA entered the musical fray with her second mini album and title song “Top Girl” through various music sites. Alongside G.NA’s highly popularized album, her music video, with its bright visuals and fresh chorus, is a hot topic among netizens as well.

Although it has been a week since the release of “Top Girl,” Korea’s top music streaming sites, Bugs, Melon, and Mnet, still have G.NA’s title song on their top 10 list. Bugs places G.NA tenth, Melon seventh, while other popular sites such as Monkey 3 puts G.NA in fourth place and Olleh Music has her in fifth.

The kind of progress made by G.NA can be both seen and heard. During her stage performances, G.NA’s particular dance move using her collarbone area, coined the “collarbone dance,” and her “wannabe style” choice of clothing has turned heads and has undoubtedly furthered her popularity. The “collarbone dance” is named so for its action of moving the chest area in a left to right motion, all the while leaning slightly forward so the collarbone is clearly visible while G.NA’s choice of wardrobe showcases a very luxurious and refined look. In addition to her sexy dance moves and alluring figure, G.NA’s new album itself has a fresh and smoothly flowing melody that is easy to get addicted to and is composed of lyrics that are simply constructed, making it more simple to memorize the words and sing along to.

Additionally, G.NA now has penetrated the advertising industry, with her label Cube Entertainment naming her as the new “hot icon.” Currently sponsoring an array of products, including health drinks, women’s clothing, lingerie, snacks, and continuously being offered advertising deals, it seems Cube Entertainment’s claim is pretty solid.

The secret to G.NA’s steady success is that her image and style is never grounded on one ideal. With constantly changing concepts such as the “cute girl” in “Black and White” to the “wannabe style” as portrayed in “Top Girl” and using this style to her advantage, G.NA has grounded herself firmly in field where female solo artists are rarely seen.