Nickhun Tweets a Picture of His Twin Brother?

On September 3, 2PM’s Nichkhun uploaded a baby picture of himself sitting next to a strange black creature on his Twitter with the caption, “I didn’t know I had a twin brother~.” The photo shows baby Nichkhun smiling happily while sitting on a sofa next to an unidentifiable black figure with a human-like face.

Netizens responded to the picture with exclamations of “So cute!” and asked if the creature was an orangutan. Others commented, “You both have the same smiles!”

Meanwhile, Nichkhun and the rest of 2PM have just successfully completed the Seoul leg of their “Hands Up Asia Tour Concert.” They will continue to Taiwan on October 8, Indonesia on November 11, Singapore on November 19, Malaysia on November 26 (edited), and the Philippines on November 27. They have a date planned in November for Beijing and in December for Japan. This is their second solo concert.

What do you think the black creature is? Anyway, it looks like Nichkhun is feeling good after the successful concert, doesn’t he? Congratulations, Nichkhun and 2PM!

Source: Nichkhun’s Twitter