[Preview] MBC "Infinity Challenge" – Sept. 3rd Episode



So Ji Sub Returns 2nd Story ★

Precariously on top of the buoy, the baseless acting training! The unrelenting challenges, the humiliation of the swimming cap pepsi man! The heart pounding flying chair, attempting to eat a watermelon in mid-air as well!

All of this was just the start?! “Please treat me harshly today as well!!” The flower zodiac, So Ji Sub’s complete return! The 2nd Story!

# ‘Please accept my heart!’ The dance time to show off your chamrs!

The guy you want to have, We have to do everything if it’s for So Ji Sub’s sake! Getting into groups for 2 for the final mission! The 7 guys that only want to be partnered up with Ji Sub. Their extremely embarrassing dance time to show off their charms begins

Their cheap dances that go between embarrassment and public nuisance! What will So Ji Sub’s choice be?

# Never ending game story!

Drenched in ink from a cuttlefish! The birth of the “Black” Infinity Challenge? Starting with “Take the tape of the ink balloon” You will fall in if you’re careless! “Blowing air into a boat without a floor” I can endure this forever if it’s with my partner! “Endure getting slapped with a insole for as long as possible”

The necessary steps required to build up cooperation, patience and concentration? Game after game after game after game! There is no end in sight for the never ending game story, who will be the team that will come out victorious in the end?

# Final match [Air pump vs Infinity Challenge, Blowing air into a tube]

I’ve done nothing but blow air for 48 years! The Master of Tubes from Man-Ri Po Beach! Cramming in all their training in half day, Spartan style, had an effect?! Infinity Challenge with So Ji Sub! The match between the two teams that refuse to concede begins!

“Air pump vs Infinity Challenge, Blowing air into a tube”

What will the results be?

There is no limit to how much tights can transform? The same tights but a different feel! Even better than Superman, seeing So Ji Sub in tights is a bonus! The best zodiac has returned! “So Ji Sub Returns”2! Coming Soon!




★Speed Special★

Oh my sunlight! Oh my wind! The eye dazzlingly beautiful sunny day! The bus that appears in movies is right in front of their eyes?! The Infinity Challenge commuter bus that cycles between the member’s houses and driver Jae Suk starts to board the members in order!

The bus sets off exactly on time! The methods of stopping a leaving bus!

One! Shake a cuttlesfish! Full of sincerity!
Two! Play the saxophone. Play through the season!
Three! Lose yourself while playing with fire! In the middle of the road in Hongdae!

“If you don’t do the missions, then the bus will explode!”
Starting with the unreasonable skit, to the raw voice live singing inside the bus! The jam packed hilarious story about the members going to work continues!! And….You can hear that guys voice…? “Where is this place? And what is happening to us?? A sense of worry and horror is starting to creep in for the members…What is his identity?

It’s beyond what you are possibly imagining!! The biggest blockbuster in the history of Korean variety shows is approaching! Infinity Challenge “Speed” special! We will be coming to the viewers carrying huge laughs!

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