After School’s UEE Shows Off Her 20 Facial Expressions

After School‘s UEE is charming viewers left and right with her improved acting skills on her KBS drama, “Ojakgyo Brothers.”

A photo sets of her 20 different facial expressions recently made their way online, impressing netizens and viewers with the diversity of emotions she is able to convey. From cute to aegyo, and even sweet to sorrow, she completes a series of looks with ease, proving that she is as good of an actor as she is a performer. 

“Her acting has improved dramatically,” viewers said.

In the drama, UEE plays Baek Ja Eun, a haughty and ill-tempered young woman who is vain about her looks.

“UEE is finally embarking on her acting career, and her passion for her work is definitely hot. She takes in all of the advice her seniors give her and talks nonstop about her acting with the staff in order to improve and improve without end. Her various facial expressions breathe so much life into her character, we’re sure that her emotions will be delivered through the TV screen,” officials of Green Snake Media, producer of “Ojakgyo Brothers” said in praise.