4minute’s HyunA Apologizes with Aegyo for Talking Back

Gagman Kim Yong Man recently talked about 4minute‘s HyunA‘s tendeny to talk back to show MCs while appearing with the idol on the variety show, “Secret.

“I’ve been on a program with HyunA for quite some time now and I noticed that she has a tendency to blurt things out. When she makes a mistake, she’ll put her anger out on the MCs,” Kim Yong Man confessed. “At the time of the program HyunA would ‘throw pejoratives’ at the MCs whenever we would ask her for an adlib.”

Asked to continue, he said, “One time, she called out to Jung Hyung Don, ‘You pig!’ Another time, she told me, ‘What do you know!’ All of that was edited out though. MC Lee Hwi Jae of ‘Secret’ needs to watch out for her.”

HyunA was seen not being able to hide her embarrassment at Kim Yong Man’s confession. She gave a shy laugh at his confession and gave a cute apology, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I said those things because the MC uncles treated me so nicely.” 

When the other celebrities among suggested her to throw pejoratives at MC Lee Hwi Jae, HyunA gladly “threw” one wittingly.

Meanwhile, along with HyunA, miss A’s Min, Jang Woo Hyuk, Hwayobi, Kim Jun Ho, and Kim Dae Hee’s special secrets will be revealed on September 3 at 5:50PM.