BEAST Lee Ki Kwang: Dance Battle With X Cross

BEAST‘s Lee Ki Kwang and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon are known for their shuffle dance skills. Jo Kwon and Lee Ki Kwang were reported to make a special surprise event on “Inkigayo“. X Cross, a pop duo, performed “Crazy” on stage on September 4. Lee Ki Kwang appeared on stage towards the end of the “Crazy” performance and shuffled with X cross.

The focus of the event was to showcase X Cross. X Cross leader Sung Hyo Ram had said, “It makes me nervous that two people who are as popular and skilled as Jo Kwon and Lee Ki Kwang are performing on stage as well.” He added, “It is very exciting, so I hope that all the fans will have a great time watching us perform.”

The stars will perform in a joint opening performance as well as a highlight performance. X Cross’ publicist, Kwon Yong Gi from GF Media stated, “I heard that Lee Ki Kwang and Jo Kwon have a lot of interest in the shuffle dance. I hope that they will give an amazing performance that will really grab their fans’ attention.”

The point of the shuffle dance is matching the feet in rhythm to fast paced music. X cross’ “Crazy” is currently being used in choreography classes all over Korea.

(It appears that Jo Kwon was supposed to appear, but decided to opt out.)