f(x) to Debut in Japan Next Year

The last of the SM Entertainment groups is slated to join their seniors in Japan. As the youngest group in the company, f(x) will be making their way over to Japan for their own debut next year!

f(x) joined their fellow seniors at the “SM Town Live in Japan” world tour at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on September 4 and shared some exciting news for their fans.  

In a meeting with the reporters after the concert, Victoria revealed, “f(x) will be debuting in the beginning of next year so we want to use this concert as an opportunity to spread our name to more people. We’re always learning so much from our seniors through every SM concert, so when we debut next year, we hope that the Japanese fans will support us.” 

“The Tokyo Dome is a dream stage for us so we’re glad to be performing here. We have good news to share, and it’s that we’re going to debut in Japan next year. Please look forward to our return,” the members added. 

The “SM Town Live” tour will continue on to New York in October.