T-ara Produces 200 T-ara Aprons for Japanese Fans

The members of T-ara just seem to be brimming with new ideas for promoting their Japanese debut. In addition to their 300 photobook event, they have come up with 200 T-ara aprons to give as special gifts to their Japanese fans. 

In order to thank fans for their interest and love, T-ara spent their own money to produce T-ara aprons as a unique event idea. They personally autographed each apron, which is decorated by their pictures and their name in red. “Just thinking about our Japanese fans receiving the aprons and feeling happy over it makes us so excited for the event,” the members said. 

T-ara headed over to Japan to begin their “Bo Pee Bo Peep” promotions on September 2 with a sexy cat concept produced by the make-up artists for the musical, “Cats.”