ZE:A’s Kwanghee Can Sing All Idol Songs

ZE:A’s Kwanghee has garnered attention for his remark on the former idol group H.O.T. As the first SM Entertainment band, H.O.T. is reverred as one of the first and original idol group.

On September 4 episode of the SBS program “1000 Song Challenge,” Kwanghee made a comment about H.O.T. being ancestors.

In this episode, Shinyoo was singing one of H.O.T.’s popular hits, “Happiness” which Super Junior made an official cover of. Kwanghee, who was on the opposng team, was seen singing along to the lyrics perfectly in the background.

Upon seeing that, MC Lee Hwijae said, “ZE:A is not an easy rival. Kwanghee was able to sing along to all the rival teams’ songs.”

Kwanghee replied, “All idols from the present day should be able to memorize all the idol songs from past idols and rival idols.”

ZE:A is currently working on their Japanese promotional activities. 

Source: Newsen