Isak Bids Farewell to "Spring Awakening"

Isak‘s teenage years are over!  After portraying a 14-year-old in a play about sexual identity, the singer and DJ can finally return to her mature twenty-something self. On September 4th, she tweeted a final message to everyone who attended and supported her in “Spring Awakening“. Check out her message below:

“another chapter in my life ends today!  2011s Spring Awakening comes to an end after our 2 shows today! thank u God,staff,actors,fans! … I wanna thank EVERYONE who was apart of this yrs Spring Awakening! i love you all!”

How did her fans respond?  Below are a few of their responses:
“Congrats on finishing your musical!  Now lets make the NY trip happen ^^” – chung_j
“your last show ? You can finally rest now .. ^^” – _hwangmiyoung
“thanks for having us ssf people =) enjoyed your musical, looking forward to the next one” – sekshi