Park Jung Min Talks About His Long Stay in Taiwan

SS501 member Park Jung Min who is now in Taiwan for a 3-month long-term stay to film “Fondant Garden” is adjusting well to life in Taipei. Park Jung Min revealed that he’s nervous and still learning the Chinese language. Gifted in learning, Park Jung Min has many times displayed amazing capability in learning a foreign language in a very short time – he was certainly being humble here.

Park Jung Min shared that during his free time, he has visited places like Tamsui, Taipei 101, Q Square, Eslite bookstore etc. The sporty singer-actor even played badminton at the local sports centre without being recognized, “Nobody discovered me, I’m so happy!”

As for famous Taiwanese cuisine, Park Jung Min did not miss out on them too! Beef noodles and spicy hot pot which are among familiar dishes. His ultimate favorite is actually made-in-Taiwan Thai squid salad, which he couldn’t help but to exclaim “Number one!”

Here’s a clip showing Park Jung Min practicising a Mandarin song �de42

Youtube clip credit: 2999