Park Sung Kwang’s Photo with Lee Hyori Satisfies Fans

Comedian Park Sung Kwang and sexy diva Lee Hyori met in real life, much to the excitement of many fans.

On Sept. 5, Park Sung Kwang uploaded a picture on his Twitter and captioned it, “This is a real snapshot with Hyori noona. Haha.”

The Park Sung Kwang in the photo is seen with a joyful yet nervous expression sitting right next to Lee Hyori at her CF film set. Lee Hyori is also seen in the photo with her goddess smile.

The photo has garnered a lot more attention because Park Sung Kwang had initially written on his Twitter that “he took a picture with Hyori noona” at midnight on September 5, only to show a picture of him and Hyori on a banner. This greatly disappointed the netizens.

When Park Sung Kwang finally posted a picture of him and the “real” Lee Hyori together, the netizens reacted excitedly.

Some of the comments include, “Wow you really met her,” “It seems like you’re nervous oppa?” “You guys came out cute,” “Is that really Hyori unnie?” “I can’t believe it, upload a video.”