Kara Plans to Take over K-Pop with New Butt Dance

On September 6, the music for Kara’s third official album “Step” was released. Also, the music video for “Step” is currently heating up the internet. What is especially eye-catching is the new butt dance.

During the chorus where the members all song “Lalala~” everyone moves their hips left and right. Instead of featuring one part of their body, this dance is more “womanly.”

A representative of DSP Media stated, “We still haven’t decided a name for the dance. We thought that a name would naturally be attached to the dance. We are planning on performing after Chuseok, there will be changes to the concept and also the uniform.”

The agency has changed their direction in order to help promote Kara fiercely. On Youtube fans will have a chance to communicate with Kara, and there will be a showcase on September 14.