Song Hye Gyo Comes Back on the Film "La Quotidienne"

Song Hye Gyo comes back to the scene through the film “La Quotidienne,” opening in cinemas this fall. It is the actress’s first film in wide release after starring with Kang Dong Won in a segment of the 2010 Pusan International Film Festival entry, omnibus film “Camellia.”

In “La Quotidienne,” Song plays Da Hae, a documentary director who loses her fiancé in a hit and run accident. Strongly influenced by her Catholic belief, she pardons the 15-year-old culprit. A year later, she films a documentary to crusade with the Catholic Church for the abolishment of the death penalty. Her interviews with victims unravel the pain of those who live with the consequences of her act of her mercy.

Song Chang Ui, most recently of “Heartstrings,” Eugene’s husband Ki Tae Young, and child actress Nam Ji Hyun co-star.

“La Quotidienne” hits the theaters on October 27.