NS Yoon Ji Celebrates Her 23rd Birthday on Twitter

It was a popping birthday for NS Yoon Ji!

The singer and Pops In Seoul VJ tweeted images from her birthday party extravganzas on September 5. She may turn 23 (24 in Korea) on September 6, but a certain date never stops the party! Heck, you can party all month if you want!  The images below were accompanied by a message stating how she enjoyed another impressive day.  After mentioning her “happy” surroundings, the star thanked her Twittersphere.  

Yoon Ji: “thanks to all the fans w lovely mentions!”

Apparently, her birthday holds a special meaning in her home. Today is her parents wedding anniversary … their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary to be exact. “its my bday but also my parents wedding anniversary :],” she stated.

After viewing all of the celebratory images, do you wish you were a part of the parties?