MBLAQ Arrives in Brazil

On September 5, MBLAQ departed from Incheon Airport in Korea to assist with their duties in Brazil as judges for the KPOP Cover Dance Festival to be held on September 7.

They arrived today (September 6) at the Brazilian airport in Sao Paulo among hundreds of fans and dancing samba girls who have been waiting for their arrival. After checking out of the airport, the MBLAQ members signed some autographs for their fans and took some quick pictures with them. They received roses as a warm welcome gift and also each one of them was kissed on their cheeks by one of the dancing girls, leaving them a really noticeable red lipstick mark on their cheeks. They had a really warm welcome from their Brazilian fans.

After some minutes of autograph signing, the MBLAQ members moved to their transportation so they could go to their hotel, followed by their happy and screaming fans, while some of them were still crying and saying: “Thank you!, thank you for coming” “We love you!”.

A few hours after their arrival, MBLAQ’s G.O. uploaded a picture on his own twitter account with a view of Sao Paulo from the hotel they are staying in Brazil.

Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates on MBLAQ’s activities in Brazil!