Jung Suk Won: "Baek Ji Young Quit Drinking Because of Me"

Actor Jung Suk Won who was one of the cast members of “Dr. Champ”, expressed his honest feelings towards Baek Ji Young.

On the cable program MBC EveryoneJung Bo Suk’s Chum Dam Dong 1 A.M.”, Jung Suk Won told his love story with Baek Ji Young. He is the type to look only at his girlfriend like the sunflower that only looks at the sun and the audience was jealous of Baek Ji Young for such a devoted boyfriend.

“I met her through a commercial staff. When I sat in front of her, I didn’t see the singer Baek Ji Young but a woman Baek Ji Young. It felt like she was glowing,” reminiscing the time he first met her. He commented on her eyes and her smile, saying those two are the most beautiful aspect of her.

However, Jung Suk Won liked delicate women while Baek Ji Young was the opposite of delicate in the entertainment society. Due to Jung Suk Won’s ideal style of women, she is trying hard to become the type woman Suk Won likes. “She’s trying really hard. To meet up to my expectations on women, she even quit drinking.”