MBC "Gye Baek": Lee Seo Jin’s Reason to Live…


The popular MBC historical drama “Gye Baek” aired another episode on September 6. Gye Baek (played by Lee Seo Jin) and Eun Go (played by Song Ji Hyo) shared a heartwarming moment. However, King Uija (played by Jo Jae Hyun) wasn’t too happy about this.

Gye Baek injured his arm while fighting against a couple of soldiers. Luckily a young girl found him and brought him back to Hong Soo (played by Kim Yoo Suk). Eun Go and King Uija were releaved that he had returned.

After waking up, Gye Baek immediately started eating. Seeing Gye Baek eating this way, Eun Go commented: “I’ve never seen someone so happy while eating,” expressing her concern for him. He apologized for making her worry upon which she replied: “I don’t want your apologies, just make sure that you look out for your health.” Gye Baek replied: “Will you become my reason for living then?” Eun Go smiled and said: “One fine day, when one fine day comes, I will…”

King Uija followed their conversation and felt quite bitter about it. He himself loves Eun Go, but had to marry someone else. He still regrets telling Eun Go that she has to marry someone one day…

What do you guys think about the relationship of Gye Baek and Eun Go?