Jung Suk Won and Tom Cruise Are Best Friends?

Actor Jung Suk Won has revealed an affectionate photo with American actor, Tom Cruise.

On Sept. 7, Jung Suk Won tweeted two pictures along with the post, “I met Tom Cruise in Thailand and he just kept on smiling.”

In the first picture, Jung Suk Won is standing next to what looks to be Tom Cruise with his arm around his shoulders and a hand affectionately on his head. In the second picture, Jung Suk Won is covering Tom Cruise’s mouth with his hand with a comical expression on his face.

However, it turns out the Tom Cruise in the picture is actually a wax figure that looks almost exactly the same as the real Hollywood star.

Seeing these pictures, netizens have reacted by saying different things, such as “Are you two best friends? You are both handsome guys,” “I was shocked because I thought you took the picture with the real Tom Cruise, but I was tricked,” “Oh, so funny,” and “I was wondering why you were covering his mouth and it was because he was a doll.”

Meanwhile, Jung Suk Won has left for Thailand with his girlfriend, Baek Ji Young, for a photoshoot.