miss A’s Min Reveals her Latest Addiction

Min of miss A’s current addiction is that of American TV. This isn’t the first time Min has shared her feelings about popular culture, as she recently revealed she was a fan of internet sensation Ryan Higa.

This fact was made evident by the lead vocalist’s most recent Tweet left on September 6. Here is what she had to say, “‘Entourage’ is a pretty good show. I just started watching it.”

Netizens reacted to her post with positive and supportive comments as they were able to sympathize with what she was going through: “Haha omg it will get you hooked!”, “I have watched it since last year and well, it’s a cool show…my favorite character is Turtle. X”, and “Happy Watching!!!”

In the upcoming movie “Countdown,” Min plays the hidden daughter of Jeon’s character Cha Ha Yeon. “Countdown” is an action drama that tells of a female con artist who risks her life for 10 days in a deal with a debt collector.