Lee Seung Gi Sings a Break-Up Song at a Wedding?

SBS’ “Strong Heart” aired their Chuseok Special on September 6 where Noh Joo Hyun revealed his past with singer Lee Seung Gi.

Lee Seung Gi and Noh Joo Hyun acted together in the KBS drama “Famous Princesses”. From there Noh Joo Hyun had asked Lee Seung Gi to perform at his daughter’s wedding. Instead of performing the typical hopeful love song, Seung Gi decided to sing a break-up song! Noh Joo Hyun commented about the faux pas saying, “People asked, ‘This is a wedding. Why is the song about breaking up?’”

It wasn’t as bad as one would think, Lee Seung Gi confessed, “I sang the perfect break-up song. I chose to sing ‘Desire and Hope’”. I felt that I should sing the song that I was most comfortable with. That was the song that I could sing the best, so that is why I sang it.” He continued as he asked Noh Joo Hyun, “Is your daughter well these days?” To which Noh Joo Hyun replied, “Yes.” “Thank goodness!” Seung Gi responded with a sigh of relief.

There aren’t any hard feelings between the two as Noh Joo Hyun said, “My son hasn’t married yet. But when he does I would like you to sing at his wedding as well.” LeeSeung Gi responded, “I’ll perform ‘Let’s Go on a Trip’ for him.”

Here is a clip of Lee Seung Gi singing “Desire and Hope”.