The House of SME’s Chairman Lee Soo Man Revealed

Recently, the house of Lee Soo Man, chairman of SM Entertainment, was revealed. A Korean local newspaper reported that Lee Soo Man bought a house worth $2.8 million USD in Los Angeles last May.

According to the news, his house was built in 1976 on approximately 29,890 square feet of land. The actual size of the house is around 4,366 sqaure feet, which has five bedrooms and four to five bathrooms in total. The house was bought in cash, according to reports, as it said, “Lee Soo Man bought this house so that his daughters can attend one of the famous private schools located in Los Angeles. He has already lived in a condo that’s also located in Los Angeles to become prepared to officially live in Los Angeles.”

After hearing this news, netizens gave comments such as, “It’s Lee Soo Man so it’s not that surprising that he bought this house,” “The house looks nice. I wonder how long he’s going to stay there during each year,” and “I’m so jealous.”

Meanwhile, it has been recorded that SM Entertainment made about $40.5 million USD in sales for the first half of this year. Lee Soo Man’s personal stock value recorded to be about $156.8 million USD.