Has IU Gained Weight?

External from soompi image

A photo of the famous Korean singer IU has recently surfaced on the internet and has drawn the attention of many netizens. This photo showed that she had gained some weight and instantly cleared the rumor about her being too skinny.

IU herself commented, “I don’t know exactly when this picture was taken. I think every picture looks different because of the many different angles. However, people do say I have gained some weight. I’m now preparing my music in a more healthy way.”

IU is now known as Korea’s little sister because of her adorable face and high-spirited character. Her innocent image makes her very popular among the Korean netizens. She has to maintain a very busy schedule because of her popularity, which made many netizens worry about her condition. However, this picture shows that she manages to stay healthy throughout her many activities.

Do you think she looks more healthy this way?