After joining the SBS radio program, “Young Street”, it was decided that Boom would also join the KBS 2TVvariety, “Secret.” These were both the programs that Kim Hee Chul undertook.

Boom is currently actively working hard as a DJ on Young Street Radio after making a safe return from the military. He made a proper debut on the program during the first airing, as he continued his hilarious antics.

It doesn’t stop there. Boom was also added to the cast of “Secret”. The producers of “Secret” were originally not planning on choosing a successor after Kim Hee Chul left the program and was going to have the fixed cast include only Shin Bong Sun, Lee Hwi Jae, and Kim Tae Hyun. However the production staff fell in love with Boom’s variety skills, which in turn resulted in bringing him on as a fixed MC. As a result, Boom was able to gain two jobs thanks to Kim Hee Chul’s departure.

Other than these two programs, Boom has received love calls from many different programs, including the SBS variety, “Strong Heart”. He has been gaining enough popularity not to be envious of many other top stars.

On this matter, netizens commented by saying, “To think he’s taking over both Youngstreet and Secret. At this rate, he’s going to take over “Radio Star” as well” and “Yup, that’s Boom!”