"Running Man" Cast And Crew Heads to China

On the latest episode of SBS’s Variety Show “Running Man,” the cast visits and films in China with guest stars KARA’s Ji Young, actor Kim Joo Hyuk, and actress Lee Yeon Hee.  

PD Jo Hyo Jin made comments on the difficulty of broadcasting the show overseas however, hoped that the audience would receive it well and have fun enjoying the episodes. 

As the cast and crew filmed for the special, they were also instructed to carry out a string of games with the beautiful scenery of Beijing in their background. The cast, who were all mesmerized by the scenery, enjoyed the stay at Beijing as well as the fun in being around each other.

This will mark the shows second time flying overseas, the first being Thailand Special marking the show’s one year anniversary. As the show has extended overseas, the shows popularity continues to grow as fans around the world show their support, going from Thailand to now China and beyond.  

You can watch the China Special broadcasted on SBS’s Sunday line-up on September 18. 

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Credit: As Tagged + Nate + M3