T-ara’s Hyomin Reveals Her High School Pictures

T-ara’s Hyomin recently revealed her high school pictures through her Twitter. Together with her picture she commented, “I just found my high school pictures. The black hair tie around my wrist was a must, I could not go a day without it.”

She is playfully posing and winking in these pictures, showing her cute style. These pictures also reveal her doll-like face and milky white skin and show that she has not changed much since her high school years.

Netizens praised her by commenting, “You even managed to wear your school uniform in a fashionable way” “I bet you were very popular in high school,” “You really are an ulzzang,” and “You have a pretty face and great fashion, I am jealous.”

Hyomin is currently starring in the popular historical drama “Gye Baek.”

Source: Naver