Kim Tae Hee, Kim Ha Neul and Shin Se Kyung Flaunt Their Sexiness

It’s a battle between Korea’s sexiest stars. Kim Tae Hee, Kim Ha Neul, and Shin Se Kyung are representatives of Korea’s most sexiest women. Photos featuring all three stars were revealed recently.

Young women enhance their sexiness through their fashion, makeup, and pose. In order for the look to be pulled off, low cut or tight fitting clothes are a must. Of course, the trademark of a young innocent girl, the “no makeup” face, is thrown out the door. Add in some smokey eyeliner and red lipstick and a girl is set to go. The pose plays a large role as well. A confidently fierce pose is what builds up the sexy concept.

Let’s take a look at the young girls who recently turned into sexy women.



Kim Tae Hee. She’s one of the biggest names in show biz. Instead of her usual bright and soft image, she transformed from a quiet, pretty girl into a fierce, sexy woman.

The first thing that changed was her style. She revealed a tight, black leather mini dress in a photoshoot, revealing the curves that she had kept hidden for some time. Her accessories started to incorporate more bling. Her gold jewelry adds a little glimmer to the picture.

In another photoshoot, Kim Tae Hee revealed smokey makeup instead of the usual pink makeup. It really brought out her eyes, which matched perfectly with a nude colored dress that she wore.

Her poses are always so perfectly in place. What guy wouldn’t drool seeing her wear that sleeveless dress immersed in a tub of water?


Kim Ha Neul: Terribly Sexy.

Although she was caught on a busy schedule to her latest movie, a photoshoot enveloping her sexy charm was revealed. She went with a military look, tying a skin toned blouse around her ant sized waist. She showed her toned thighs in a pair of shorts, and fashioned her hair in feminine waves.

In another photoshoot, she wore a black lace top that cut down near the chest area. The messy bed hair and red lipstick were the points of her shoot. The low cut red dress reveals a sexy back. Of course, can’t forget the signature smokey eyes and red lips. Kim Ha Neul’s lips are more of an orange hue which stands out against her pale complexion.


Shin Se Kyung: Overflowing charm.

She has the perfect body. Front, back, side, however you look at it. The young, cute image that she maintained for some time was replaced by a 180 degree turn. She seemed much older.

In this photoshoot, she wears a chic black jacket and accessorizes it with some pearl bracelets. The distinct black eyeliner brings dimension to her eyes, giving them the “wow” factor. In the black dress, she revealed her long body and trim figure. Her confidence is what made the look.

Who do you think is the sexiest out of these three beautiful women? I particularly am in love with Shin Se Kyung’s open back dress and that hairstyle!