BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Gets Injured?

Recently, BEAST‘s Jun Hyung posted up photos of himself looking injured which shocked many of his fans.

On September 7, Yong Jun Hyung posted two photos of himself with swollen eyes and various injuries all over his body on his twitter. After seeing this, many fans were shocked, but they later became relieved after reading Yong Jun Hyung’s following messages.

Yong Jun Hyung wrote, “At last it’s the final day. Big shoutout to ZANYBROS for putting a lot of effort into
taking pretty pictures of the ugly Joker.” Later on, he posted another message saying, “I got hit again.”
Joker is Yong Jun Hyung’s nickname – his twitter id is Joker891219. Furthermore, ZANYBROS is the music video’s producer.

After reading these messages, Yong Jun Hyung’s fans replied back saying, “Oh, this took place during a music video shooting,” “The photos look like you’re really hurt! Good acting!” and “Now I’m really looking forward this
music video! Your makeup seems so real!”