f(x)’s Amber Reveals Her Pre-Makeup Face

f(x)’s Amber recently did something special to celebrate the group’s two-year anniversary.

Just two days ago, the members had posted various pictures together to celebrate.

Through f(x)’s official me2day website, Amber posted, “It’s a bit late but I just want to let everyone know that f(x) is now two years old! Thank you everyone and I love you all! This is a photo of my pre-makeup face before my debut three years ago…time flies by too quickly…I will keep working hard. Thank you! Peace.”

In the photo, Amber seems to be just relaxing in her house while taking random pictures of herself. She looks very young compared to her current looks – her skin looks very clean and attractive even without any makeup on.

After viewing this photo, netizens gave comments such as, “You still looked very attractive three years ago,”
“Amber’s pre-makeup face is beyond the average,” and “Even though it’s f(x)’s two-year anniversary, you still look as cute as ever before.”