Won Bin Sets New Trend in Men’s Fashion

This fall, the double breasted suit will be number one on mens’ shopping lists. The suit has four rows of two buttons and will accentuate the waist to give the appearance of a slim tummy and small hips.

On August 30, hot actor Won Bin was seen wearing a double breasted suit to a press conference in Japan to promote the movie “The Man From Nowhere.” His co-star, Kim Sae Ron, was present as well. It has been a while since his promoting in a foreign country. However, what was noteworthy about this event was the fact that he wore something different from everybody else– a double breasted suit.

The brand and price? From head to toe, everything that Won Bin wore was from Yves Saint Laurent‘s 2011 Fall/Winter collection. Because it is not yet sold in stores, the price is currently unknown.

Won Bin looked dashing. Well, the man could throw on a potato sack and still manage to look good, but he pulled off the look. The double breasted suit doesn’t look very light, yet doesn’t appear heavy. Because the jacket comes down to the has a snug fit, it accentuated his silhouette. The white shirt and silk necktie added sophistication. His hair, which covered one eye slightly, added a mysterious touch to his look.

Looks like Won Bin will be setting the trend for the next “It” item this autumn. The suit is classy and trendy at the same time, and goes nicely with a narrow tie. It does not have any of the stuffiness that usually comes with suits.

What do you think of his look? (Of course you think he looks hot.)