Lee Ji Ah Loses Over Ten Pounds Due To Hardships

Lee Ji Ah spent over three months avoiding outside contact and stayed in at home. She does not know how to escape from her long confinement at her home. Lee Ji Ah has been avoiding human contact with extreme measures for over three months. She doesn’t see anyone; even acquaintances have no idea how she is doing these days. 

According to source that is close to her, due to her troubling hardships, she lost over 10 pounds. At one point, it was to the extent where she couldn’t eat a proper meal because of her mental and physical pain.

Lee Ji Ah is continuously abstaining from going outdoors. Not only does she avoid human contact but her close contacts say they can’t even reach her by phone. Fortunately, there is recent news that she pulled herself together and in order to stand on her own again, she stepped outside and even went to the movies. Because of that, close acquaintances are breathing a sigh of relief. 

It’s been about six months since the divource lawsuit issue with Seo Taiji. As the lawsuit was revealed this past January, questions arose about when they got married and why they decided to get divorced. Their lawsuit was settled this past July. But ever since the lawsuit started, Lee Ji Ah stopped going outside, avoided human contact, and stayed home. A close source of Lee Ji Ah says, “Talking about when Lee Ji Ah will make a comeback is certainly a matter not to be lightly handled.”