After School’s Hello Kitty Items Revealed

Last month, it was announced that After School would be working on a special collaborative project with the popular Japanese character, Hello Kitty.

Now, After School has revealed the After School – Hello Kitty merchandise on the group’s official Japanese website. In this tie-up, each member of After School will have their own iconic look of Hello Kitty. The girls are easily distinguished from one another because of their hairstyles and poses.

The goods will be released on September 10. There will be special event help on this day to commemorate this unique collaboration. Merchandise included are a t-shirt, sports towel, a bag and stickers. These items will be available at Mu-mo on September 12.

This promotion is a part of After School’s currently on going promotions in Japan.

Will you be buying these goodies?



Source: After School Jp, AS- After Party