Who Did Idols Vote As the #1 Rich Idol?

On the MBC’s Everyone “Weekly Idol” episode that will air on September 10,the show will reveal the full results a survey carried out to find out who is the richest idol according to other idols. The survey was called “Powerful money force! Rich idols BEST 10” and it turns out the people who gave answers in the study were none other than 90 currently active idols!

Among the rankings, idols that showed up included: BoA, Kara, BEAST’s Junhyung, SNSD’s YoonA, and IU, among others, but there could only be one winner and that was Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

He was chosen for many reasons, with idols saying that he has the most royalties when it comes to copyright fees, and G.O from MBLAQ even praised him saying, “He is the one icon.”

To find out all the rankings you will need to watch the show, but for now, I imagine all the VIP’s reading this are very proud of G-Dragon’s recognition from his peers.