Ludacris Invited to Visit YG Entertainment

American hip hop musician Ludacris, who will be making his way to Korea for the very first time on September 19, has revealed that he’s been invited to visit and meet up with officials from YG Entertainment. Ludacris previously expressed his interest in the K-Pop market and praised YG Entertainment’s level of influence and musical power in an interview

Officials of the label thanked Ludacris as one of the most world renowned traditional hip hop musicians for taking interest in their music. Ludacris’s hopes of earning an opportunity to work with the label just might come true through this unique meeting between the two giants. 

YG Entertainment has been taking steps towards marketing their music outside of Korea lately, especially with the establishment of “YGEX” with Avex Entertainment and working with Will.I.Am. Adding Ludacris to the list, this only means more exciting things to come for fans of the label!