Noh Hong Chul Accidentally Blurts Out Ex-Girlfriend’s Name Live On-Air

Optimistic Noh Hong Chul made a nonsensical mistake while broadcasting by mentioning his ex-girlfriend, Jang Yoon Jung.

On the morning of September 6, Noh Hong Chul brought up a story, telling his listeners on MBC FM 4U radio program, “Noh Hong Chul’s Best Friends”, that Jang Yoon Joo sent in a text message.

As he was explaining the situation, he made a mistake in saying “Jang Yoon Jung” instead of “Jang Yoon Joo”. Following his mistake, he could not hide his shock and went on to say, “What do I do. This is being aired live…”

On the streaming bulletin board, his listeners mischievously joked by saying “I want to listen to Jang Yoon Jung’s song, “Oh My”” and “Please turn on Jang Yoon Jung’s song”. The producer in charge of the program gave many laughs by changing the final song of the broadcast from Jang Hye Jin’s “It’s Alcohol” to Gummy’s “Forget Me”.

Noh Hong Chul and Jang Yoon Jung stopped dating last March after seeing each other for nine months.