MBC "Infinity Challenge" Creates Witty Slang Terms

MBC’s popular show “Infinity Challenge” has made up various witty slang terms. The summer special showed many guests having a great time together. Members, guests, staff and even the subtitles contribute to one of the greatest shows ever.

#1: “Are you watching?”

“Are you watching” can be considered as the most popular slang of Infinity Challenge in 2011. Member Gil tried to convince actor Jo In Sung to take part in their rowing challenge in May and twittered, “Jo In Sung, are you watching?” along with a picture of them practicing for the rowing contest. Even members shouted out “Jo In Sung, are you watching” and gave viewers a great laugh. Many viewers use these words now when they want to provoke another and thus has Gil made up a nationally used slang.

#2: “I saw it”

These words also came up during the rowing contest. Jung Hyung Don was seated as the “cox” during the contest because of his injury. The contest was held in July and the members had to row against several international contestants. Jung Hyung Don saw his fellow members work hard and cheered them throughout the whole contest. Even though they ended up last, Jung Hyung Don said, “I saw it, we did really good, I saw it”, while tearing up. Since then, members use these words in various situations, giving viewers great joy. Defconn and HaHa also used these words on their twitter, making it even more popular.

#3: “Oh hong hong hong hong”

One man’s laugh has become a slang term. This man is none other than Jung Jae Hyung himself. Jung Jae Hyung is not only talented, he is also very funny. His distinctive signature laugh has made many viewers laugh while watching “Infinity Challenge.” While participating in the “Infinity Challenge West Coast Highway Festival,” Jung Jae Hyung revealed his feminine character. In the following episodes, he made many jokes, cooked dinner for the members Jung Hyung Don and Noh Hong Chul and showed viewers his Parisian lifestyle. His “oh hong hong hong hong” laugh has been imitated many times by various netizens.

#4: “Passion”

Infinity Challenge’s witty subtitles have always been a topic of conversation. In the “Dong Geo Dong Rak” special, Park Myung Soo and Jung Jun Ha made viewers cry from laughing. Park Myung Soo and Jung Jun Ha danced “intimately” together, and while they were dancing the subtitle showed “Passion” in fire letters. Netizens commented, “Infinity Challenge’s subtitles are dae bak. It doubles the fun,” praising the wittiness of the show.

While fulfilling their missions, the members of Infinity Challenge impressively bring much joy and laughter to the viewers. What will they have in store for us in the fall?

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