After School’s Nana Announces Orange Caramel’s Comeback

After School has certainly led a busy year thus far with their first graduation and unit promotions, but they’re not stopping yet, as they’ve just revealed that their sub-unit, Orange Caramel, will be making a comeback!

Along with a new picture, Nana wrote on their official fansite, “This picture was taken during ‘Tokyo Girls.’ It was dream-like to be able to stand on such a big stage as a model. I was nervous, but I walked confidently thanks to your support. Thank you!”

Continuing, she wrote, “Oh yeah! Keep quiet about this~ It’s only for you to know! Our Orange Caramel will be making a comeback soon. A hint is that it will be version two of our Asia project! You’re going to anticipate it for us, right?”

Version one of their Asian project was their “Bangkok City” concept, so going along that concept line, could we expect another Asian city as their next title track? Excited netizens commented, “I loved ‘Bangkok City’ so I’m looking forward to version two!” and “Always supporting you! I’ve been waiting for Orange Caramel’s comeback!”