Hara Invites Kim Shin Young to MC for Kara’s "Step" Showcase

On September 14, Kara is scheduled to open a celebratory showcase for the release of their Korean comeback album, “Step.” For the MC of the special event, Kara member Hara has personally invited gag-woman Kim Shin Young

Their relationship dates way back to KBS‘s popular viarety program, “Invincible Youth.” When asked who she would like to invite to MC the showcase, Hara didn’t hesitate in calling up Kim Shin Young right away. 

The two revealed that they had kept in close contact since the end of the show. Kim Shin Young already has a busy schedule with plenty of variety shows lined up, but she promised to take time off her schedule to MC for the meaningful event. 

“I think that Shin Young unni’s energetic, witty, and natural flow will become a great source of strength for us to put on a great show. It’s especially meaningful in that it’s Kara’s first new album after a 10 month hiatus,” Hara explained.