Kim Sun Ah Posts a Photo With Lee Dong Wook at Jeju Island

Kim Sun Ah updated her me2day with a photograph followed by the caption, “It is hot. The sun is hot and our love is hot! Yay! From Jeju.”

In the picture Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook are standing on the shore, against the beautiful blue ocean as a scenic backdrop. Lee Dong Wook holds up his hand to shield the sun from Kim Sun Ah in a touching manner, showing how affectionate they are.

Readers had positive feedback for the two saying, “Dong Wook, you have good manners” and “I’m so jealous of Kim Sun Ah.”

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah are co-stars in the SBS drama “Scent of a Woman”. In the drama Kang Ji Wook (Lee) falls in love with Lee Yeon Jae (Kim). Don’t they make such a sweet couple?